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The ADFIAP Awards 2006
Honoring the Membersí Outstanding People and Projects

1.  Introduction


The ADFIAP Awards given annually consists of both institutional and individual awards.

a.  Outstanding Development Project Awards

The institutional awards, i.e., the ADFIAP “Outstanding Development Project Awards” recognizes and honors member-banks which have undertaken and/or assisted projects that have created a development impact in their respective countries. Awards are given to members, which in the judgment of the ADFIAP Awards Board, have implemented or enhanced outstanding and innovative development projects during the immediate past year.

b.  Individual Awards

The individual awards consist of two awards, namely, the “Outstanding CEO Award” and the “Distinguished Person Award”.

The “Outstanding CEO Award” is given to a practicing chief executive officerwhose singular talent, leadership, vision and achievement, in the judgment of the Awards Board, stands out among the other nominees for the award. Without focusing on the size of the institution, the judges will be assessing the stature of the individual, the positive effect that the person's leadership has had on his or her institution, and the impact his decisions have had on the development banking profession, in particular, and on the development of the country, in general.

On the other hand, the “Distinguished Person Award” is a lifetime achievement award given to a person who has, in his or her chosen career, excelled and made a mark in the country or internationally and for his or her outstanding accomplishment(s) in the field of development, in general, and in the development banking profession, in particular.

c.  Special Awards

Special Awards consist of the Best Annual Report and Website Awards which were given for the first time during the 28th ADFIAP Annual Meetings in Nadi, Fiji Islands in May 2005.

Following criteria will be followed:

For best annual report:

  • Disclosure of financial management information
  • Articulation of sustainable development agenda
  • Clarity and readability of content
  • Design and visual impact
  • Overall uniqueness and innovativeness

For best website:

  • Depth and clarity of content
  • Articulation of sustainable development agenda
  • User-friendliness and site guidance
  • Design and visual impact
  • Technical innovativeness and uniqueness

2.  Search and Selection Process

  • For the “Outstanding Development Project Awards”, members are encouraged to nominate as many entries in various categories.
  • For the “Outstanding CEO Award”, the current CEO who has served for at least a year maybe nominated.
  • For the “Distinguished Person Award”, the nominee could also be someone outside of the member-institution.
  • For the Best Annual Report Category, all member institutions are invited to send their latest Annual Report (2004/2005)  For the Best Website Category, all member institutions may nominate their respective institutions citing their website address in the nomination form which is attached.
  • A shortlist of the best entries will be considered by the ADFIAP Awards Board which  will select the winners. The Awards Board will have a Chairman and four members.

3.  Rules and Regulations

a) Entries for the “Outstanding Development Project Awards” should be those that were implemented or significantly enhanced during the past immediate year. It is possible for more than one member to vie for a particular category.

b) Supporting materials should be in English. If the material is in another language, a translation must be provided. Videos, ads and printed materials are welcome. Please note that these supporting materials will no longer be returned.

 4.  Entry Details

  • Entry period is from January 16 to March 15, 2006.
  • Please send/courier complete supporting materials to the:           
               ADFIAP Secretariat c/o Ms. Sandy I. Lim
               2nd Floor,  Skyland Plaza
               Sen. Puyat Ave., Makati City 1200
               Tel. Nos: (632) 816-1672/8430932
               Fax No: (632) 8176498 

5.   Entry (ies) and Summary(ies)


Kindly use the attached judging guidelines when summarizing your proposed project for nomination. The same goes for the ADFIAP nominees for the “Outstanding CEO Award” and the “Distinguished Person Award” and his or her accomplishments.    Kindly note that these summaries are important elements in the search and selection process so please be accurate, specific and concise.  Please limit your paper to not more than 300 words

6.  Categories and Criteria for the Awards


For the “Outstanding Development Project Awards”

Category 1: Human Resource Development. A program or scheme which the bank institutionally implemented to enhance the professional capacities and career growth of its officers and staff and/or its clients.

Category 2: Environmental Development. An undertaking that has involved the bank and/or its clients in minimizing or eradicating environmental risks and/or in promoting environmental due diligence and management practices in bank and/or client operations.

Category 3: SME Development. A lending program, facility or scheme developed by the bank that assisted and/or provided financing access and technical assistance to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the country.

Category 4: Infrastructure Development. A loan program or fund that was designed to develop or improve the strategic and long-term infrastructure facilities in the country.

Category 5: Technology Development. A project, loan facility or funding made available by the bank for the advancement of the technological base, know-how, and innovation in the country.

Category 6: Trade Development. A project, financing program or facility that assisted the country in developing, promoting and boosting its trade internationally.

Category 7: Local Economic Development. An initiative, program or facility in a specific area (province, community or village) that was designed and developed to create a favorable environment for business to flourish, to promote their competitiveness, or to create opportunities for new and start-up businesses, be they initiated by external investors or local entrepreneurs.

Category 8: Development Finance-led Poverty Reduction. A program or scheme that used development finance as a tool or instrument to reduce or alleviate poverty in the country.

Category 9:  Corporate Governance. An undertaking, a program or project developed, instituted or adopted by the bank that advocates, promotes or sustains good corporate governance practices and ideals.

For the “Outstanding CEO Award”, the criteria includes:

(a)Must be nominated (including self-nomination) by an ADFIAP member-institution and/or its subsidiaries, institutional partners of ADFIAP and the Association itself;

(b) Must be a practicing CEO of an ADFIAP member-bank for at least one year; and,

(c) Must prove, through supporting documentation, that his stature, leadership, vision and achievement in managing his institution during the covered year merits the nod of the Awards Board. Weight will be given to the best practice or innovation that the CEO has succeeded in implementing in the bank.

For the “Distinguished Person Award”, the criteria includes:

(a)Must be nominated (including self nomination) by an ADFIAP member-institution and/or its subsidiaries, institutional partners of ADFIAP and the Association itself;

(b)Must have been associated with an ADFIAP member-bank and/or the Association itself for at least one year; and,

(c)Must have, in his or her chosen career, excelled and made a mark in the country or internationally for his or her outstanding accomplishment(s) in the field of development, in general, and in the development banking profession, in particular.


ADFIAP Awards 2006 Nomination Form (.doc format)
Judging Guidelines for ADFIAP Awards



January 16, 2006

Administrative Arrangements

The Opening Ceremonies of the Annual Conference is scheduled to begin at 0830 hrs on Wednesday, 10 May 2006, at the Oak Room of Cinnamon Grand Hotel.  Delegates are requested to register starting 0800 hrs prior to the start of the Opening Ceremonies if they have not done so upon arrival.