September 2012 | Volume 10 | Issue Number 9
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1st Joint AADFI-ADFIAP CEO Forum

November 13-16, 2012
Johannesburg, Republic of South Africa

Theme: Promoting South-South Cooperation Among DFI's Through
Value Chain Financing in Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Caribbean

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Asia-Pacific's Leading Platform
for the Carbon & Energy Market

October 30-31, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand

1st China Social Investment Forum
November 2, 2012
Beijing, China

Accredited Investment Fiduciary
Qualification Programme

November 13 and 14, 2012
Manila, Philippines

The 12th Annual Pacific Region
Investment Conference

November 15 and 16, 2012
Manila, Philippines

2011 Calendar of Activities
March 27-29
Manila, Philippines
Responsible Corporate Citizenship Program (HELD)
April 25-27
Istanbul, Turkey
35th ADFIAP Annual Meetings (HELD)
July 5-6
Karlsruhe, Germany
2nd Global Sustainable Finance Conference (HELD)
July 16-20
Mumbai, India
12th Study Tour Program on MSME in India (HELD)
July 23-27
Manila, Philippines
International Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Financial Management for SME Bank Lending Officers (HELD)
October 1-5
Manila, Philippines
7th Core Development Banking Program (Level I, ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program)
October 8-19
Manila, Philippines
6th Development Bank Management Program (Level II, ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program)
November 13-16
Johannesburg, South Africa
CEO Forum IX
November 26-30
K. Lumpur, Malaysia
Strategic Financial Management Program for SME Bank Lending Officers
December 3-7*
Manila, Philippines
Study Tour Program on MSME Financing & Development

* Dates/Venue to be confirmed (click to view full calendar)

Other Training Courses:

The Institute of Development Finance (IDF) is open to requests to develop training courses not mentioned above and is able to conduct these courses in-house
and in-country

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