Phase II
CG Rating System

Phase II of the "DFIs for Corporate Governance Project" was premised on the clamor from ADFIAP members for more programs on crosscutting issues such as business ethics, corruption and related issues. Furthermore, there is a growing pressure from investors and sources of funds of DFIs for them to look beyond their institutions and also look at the corporate governance practices of their clients. Hence, a need for additional capacity building events on these issues to promote good corporate governance among DFIs.

The Objective

Themed as "Enhancing Corporate Governance for DFIs", the program was implemented from May 1, 2004 up to August 31, 2005 with the objective of developing an ADFIAP corporate governance rating system (ACGRS) for use of ADFIAP member-banks, and one that can be used to assess the corporate governance practices of their clients.


The following activities were undertaken under the project:

  • conduct of a survey to get an update on the state of ADFIAP members’ corporate governance practices. Responses were collated and were used as basis in the planning and development of the regional seminar/workshop conducted in Manila;

  • promotion of the project through ADFIAP’s regular publications and through its website;

  • organization of a regional seminar-workshop;

  • organization of four (4) national workshops (after the regional workshop) revolving around the development of a corporate governance rating system, specifically for their use and that of their clients; and

  • development & publication of a training packet on the CG rating system (both for internal and client assessment)

Tangible Results

The other tangible outputs of the project are as follows:

  • A total of 112 participants – directors and senior management persons – from 30 countries in the region attended the training events.

  • A total of 53 institutions – ADFIAP members, affiliates and other networks – participated under the program.

  • Eight country training program designs were developed.

  • Publication of the Corporate Governance Rating System Manual for ADFIAP member banks’ internal and client assessment

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