Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific



Bank for Industry & Mine

30th ADFIAP Annual Meetings 2007

29th ADFIAP Annual Meetings 2006


Message from the Chairman

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the general membership of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP), I wish to invite all our members and partners in development to join us to the 31st ADFIAP Annual Meetings to be held in Tehran, Iran.

The "many-in-one" Annual Meetings includes the Board Meeting, the Committee Meetings, Business Meetings & Networking, the General Assembly Meeting, the ADFIAP Awards, the Annual Conference as well as cultural and fellowship activities. The conference itself also promises to be as exciting as the theme, "Innovative Development Finance: DFIs' Response to the Needs of the Times" as the topics to be presented and discussed are thought-provoking and very relevant to current issues faced by development financing institutions today.

I wish to thank the host-member, the Bank of Industry and Mine (BIM), for graciously supporting this big event. I look forward to a successful conference and to personally meeting you all in Tehran.

Chairman, ADFIAP

Message from the BIM General Director

The CEO & Chairman of the Board of Iran’s Bank of Industry and Mines, the only development-oriented bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, feels honored to welcome and is privileged to host the prominent financial officials and managers / CEOs of the ADFIAP´s member countries in this ancient and historic country.

With a long and ancient history the beginning of which can be traced back to prehistoric era, Iran has always been the cradle of culture and civilization and the homeland of many prominent and celebrated scholars such as Avicenna, Razi, Khayyam; great figures whose contributions are still studied in well known universities of the world.

As the only available mechanism to fight poverty, we strongly believe that the participants at the 31st Annual Meetings of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific can provide comments and inputs for the socio-economic development, maximization of collective welfare and special interests in the region. With the urgent need to improve the continents´ condition, we have to broaden our work and learn a great deal about the flaws and opportunities in the current economic systems by utilizing the following mechanisms:

  • Global economic governance
  • Internet governance and sustainable development
  • Maintaining sustainable development strategies
  • Transparency in international economic decision-making

At last the managing director of the bank wishes a pleasant stay filled with sweet memories for all the respected guests during this beautiful season and hopes they will be the messengers of this nation’s hospitality to their people.

Dr. Mehdi Razavi
General Director
Bank of Industry and Mine