Photo of Hon. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi
Hon. Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi Prime Minister

Message from the Prime Minister of Samoa

Talofa lava! It is my pleasure to welcome all the officials and the delegates of the 39th Annual Meeting of the Association of Development Financing Institution of the Asia and the Pacific Region (ADFIAP) to our home, 'Beautiful Samoa'.

I believe in the fundamental role the financial institutions play to support and encourage activity and initiatives contributing to positive sustainable development in any nation. We trust your meeting in Apia will be a fruitful one focusing on providing solutions to resolve some of the key urgent financial demands to meet out development needs.

Every nation aims for development to improve the livelihood of its people. But these developments in the developed world have had a huge negative impact on the Pacific Region with the increasing sea level rise threatening the livelihoods of the Pacific nations. It is our desire that your meeting will focus on sustainable development with a consideration of the environment.

Thank you for choosing Apia, Samoa as your meeting venue. We hope that you will also get experience Samoa, a small island developing state striving to improve further its development while managing the intrusive impact of climate change affecting our vulnerable society. In this way, solutions can further be designed to combat these in the short term and the long term for the Asia and the Pacific region.

I wish you the very best in your meeting deliberations.

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Message from the Hosts

Talofa lava and warm greetings from our beautiful Samoa, the Treasured Islands of the South Pacific...

We, the Development Bank of Samoa, the Samoa Housing Corporation and the Samoa National Provident Fund are excited to co-host the 39th Annual General Meetings of the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific.

Our world, our regions are standing in unity to find solutions to enhance climate change development and resilience. We welcome and embrace the commitment of world leaders at the COP21 held in Paris in November 2015. We support the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. We as Development Financing Institutions play a critical role to support and enhance sustainable development that will secure a better world, a better future for generations to come.

It is in this recognition that we have chosen the theme "DFIs: Building Partnerships for Climate Change Resilience". Partnerships that will strengthen and enhance financing and development cooperation for sustainable development in our respective country, region and world. Our esteem panel of experts and speakers will share their experience and knowledge that will undoubtedly be instrumental and invaluable to DFIs sustainable development.

Welcome to Samoa our ADFIAP family. Come and experience what made our Home unique.

We look forward to seeing you all come May 2016!

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Photo of Matautia Rula Levi
Matautia Rula Levi CEO, Samoa Housing Corporation
Photo of Faumuina Esther Poutoa
Faumuina Esther Poutoa CEO, Samoa National Provident Fund
Photo of Susana Laulu
Susana Laulu CEO, Development Bank of Samoa