3rd International Seminar-Workshop for Corporate Communications

Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: September 13-17, 2010

About the Program: In the jargon of e-commerce, brick and mortar are businesses that have a physical presence which offers face-to-face consumer experiences. In banking, these bricks and mortars came to be associated with branches. But things have changed since the advent of the internet age. Information is now also accessible literally at the click of a mouse. Consequently, bank customers no longer need to go to branches to transact; bricks and mortars are being replaced by kiosks, touch screen ATMs, and e-banking facilities.

In a broader perspective, Information Technology has led to a continuing development of a New Media that provides a platform for people not only to transact business, but also to interact through email, blogging and social networking, among others. Responding to the new needs of the times, this seminar is designed for the participants to gain practical knowledge about the New Media; learn to effectively use PR in reputation management in both traditional and New Media; develop skills in solving problems of the organization’s relationship with its various (local and international) publics; study new
trends in the use of PR tools in traditional as well as New Media channels; and relate Corporate Social Responsibility to company objectives.

    The course contents include:

  • Public Relations. PR is viewed as the umbrella function that provides the impetus for such disciplines as marketing and advertising to flourish.
  • Media Relations. Mechanics of media relations; The “new media” and its requirements for prints and broadcast.
  • Reputation Management. Developing and maintaining an image.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility. Relating CSR to company objectives; profits is not enough – it ought to be shared in terms of projects and other initiatives that benefit both the communities and the company as well.
  • Packaging PR Tools (Publications). What makes a good newsletter, annual report, or internal company publication; using these tools to achieve PR objectives; utilizing the New Media to maximize your company’s resources.
  • Handling PR Events (e.g., press conferences). Do’s and Don’ts in mounting PR events; when exactly are they needed.
  • Who Should Attend: PR and IT professionals; corporate communicators with duties that include dealing with the media and developing communication strategies (for local and
    international relations and with various publics) as well as those handling special events.

    They must be mid-to-high level managers relied upon by the management to handle problem situations when they arise, and provide counsel to the CEO. He/she is the CEO’s PR counselor.

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