5th Core Development Banking Program (Level I, ADFIAP Credentialing Program)

Location: Manila, Philippines
Date: November 22-26, 2010

About the Program: This training course, which is under the career credentialing program of the ADFIAP aims to enhance the capabilities and upgrade the managerial and Technical skills of junior level officers of development finance institutions (DFIs) and other financing institutions in the performance of their functions.
It is relevant for participants not only from development banks and other development financing institutions, but also for officials from commercial banks with development finance portfolio.

The course consists of two modules. The first module is devoted to principles and practices of development banking; and the second covers the concepts and procedures for designing and appraisal of development projects.

Module 1:Principles and Practices of Development Banking:
After satisfactorily completing all the requirements of this 5-day program, the participants will be given the credential of Associate in Development Banking (ADB). It is designed to provide participants with important knowledge and skills in the concepts and practices of development finance. It includes the discussion of the vital role of development financing institutions in the economic and social progress of a developing country as well as its responsibilities as a financial institution. The analysis of different levels of economic development is envisioned to provide a deeper insight on the needs for development financing that could serve as guidelines for the operation of development banks. Important guidelines on long-term project finance, an important area of development banking, will also be discussed.

Module 2:Design and Appraisal of Development Projects:
It is designed to provide participants with important knowledge and skills in the design and appraisal of development projects with emphasis on financial and economic for a more in-depth understanding of the concepts, it will also mention the different aspects of an investment design and how the financial and economic aspects fit into the overall investment plan submitted by a client. The module will discuss the difference in appraisal techniques between purely private oriented investments and development projects.

To provide a balanced mix of theory and practice in accomplishing the objectives of the different sessions, various teaching methods will be used like lectures, discussions, exercises, case study, workshops, sharing, integration, coaching and individual work. Participants will analyze and render reports on case studies.

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