ADFIAP and the University of Oxford hold exploratory talks

From L-R: Enrique Florencio, Secretary General; John Alianza, Group Head (Business Development); Jimena Alvarez, P3SA (University of Oxford); Andrew McCarthy, Deputy Director, P3SA (University of Oxford); Sandra Honrado, Group Head (Membership & Training)

ADFIAP’s Secretary General, Enrique I. Florencio, holds an exploratory meeting with the University of Oxford’s Public and Third Sector Academy for Sustainable Finance (P3SA), Oxford Sustainable Finance Group, headed by Mr. Andrew McCarthy, Deputy Director with Ms. Jimena Alvarez, UK Centre for Greening Finance and Investment manager. The Public and Third Sector Academy for Sustainable Finance, which is creating a portfolio of free/heavily subsidized courses on sustainable finance and related subjects, is considering ADFIAP as a Learning Partner for the Asia Pacific region. Learning Partners are given priority access to all courses, including free attendance at the annual P3S Academy Sustainable Finance Summit, co-development of joint training and capacity-building events, design of new courses tailored to partner needs, and so on.

The Public and Third Sector Academy for Sustainable Finance (‘P3S Academy’),, is a new training hub at the University of Oxford which is established in 2021 is a global centre of learning and capacity building focused on enabling the public and third sectors to grasp the opportunities associated with sustainable finance.

ADFIAP has been advocating, promoting, and conducting capacity-building training on sustainable finance for more than a decade and is the focal point of development banks and financial institutions in the Asia Pacific region.

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