ADFIAP holds Listening Labs

As we all experience various stages of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the opportunity to meet, even virtually, is useful for sharing experiences and keeping up to date on key trendy topics throughout the industry.

To create a similar structure to in-person meetings, ADFIAP and the Centre of Excellence for National Development Banks (CENDB) hosted a virtual forum on November 26, 2021, at 11:00AM and invited members to engage in an open conversation to share their organization’s current successes and pain points in these troubling times and hear the same from peers to foster shared experiences and best practices.

A preliminary survey was conducted online to gather data to determine initial areas of concerns. The result allowed the discussion to adapt to the root causes of pain points creating space to discuss practical solutions that ADFIAP and CENDB can offer to mitigate. Key topics discussed were NPLs, digitalization, ALM, Covid-19, client, and staff relations, among others. Discussions on the key pain-points were focused on (i) the challenges that the member institutions experienced when solving NPL’s, (ii) areas most affected by the pandemic. (iii) How can they play a greater role in economic recovery, (iv) has relations with shareholders/government bodies been affected. Discussion on the solutions include: (i) the digital or non-digital solutions have they discovered to mitigate challenges; (ii) what can be addressed to fast-tract recovery support; (iii) strategies used to mainotain relationships with employees and clients; (iv) ALM strategies have been adopted; (v) how the institution engaged in capacity-building activities for staff.

The 90-minute Listening Labs was actively participated by 30 CEO and C-suite level executives from ADFIAP members and partners.

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