ADFIAP, partners hold ACMFN project review and planning session

ADFIAP, together with its project partners, Germany’s adelphi, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Pupuk of Indonesia and CEESTA, and Beijing Eco-Green Advisory (BEGA)/Institute for Environment and Development (IED), conducted their first year (2016) assessment as well as planning and budgeting for Year 2 (2017) of the Asian Cleantech MSME Financing Network (ACMFN) project last March 20-21, 2017 at Beijing, China. BEGA/IED hosted the meeting and conducted it in an old “hutong” or village workplace near the capital city of Beijing.

The 10 participants came from the three National Focal Points (NFPs) and ACMFN lead and technical partners – ADFIAP and adelphi. The meeting was presided by Atty. Alberto B. Reyno, Country Project Manager for ACMFN China.

The 2-day meeting discussed the project accomplishments and financial performance for Year 1. On the second day, the NFPs presented their work plans and budget for Year 2 to the Project Steering Committee led by Atty. Reyno and Mr. Mirko Zuerker of adelphi.

ACMFN was launched in February 2016 in New Delhi, India and in just one year, the respective NFPs of the three target countries were able to successfully establish their presence in their respective communities. Over a period of six months, several national awareness-raising activities were conducted by the NFPs and these events attracted well over 1,200 cleantech MSMEs to get to know the various activities of the ACMFN. Also, the project was able to conduct as scheduled, the TOT Cleantech Consulting for identified potential project technical and financial advisors from the three target countries/NFPs.

For more information on the ACMFN project, please visit its website at or email [email protected].

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