ADFIAP welcomes back Small Business Corporation

The ADFIAP Board of Directors, during its meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, have welcomed back Manila-based Small Business Corporation (SB Corp), formerly the Small Business Guarantee and Finance Corporation (SBGFC), as member. SB Corp first joined ADFIAP in 2012.

SB Corp is the result of the merger between the SBGFC and the Guarantee Fund for SMEs (GFSME), under Executive Order No. 98 issued in November 2001. SB Corp’s focus is to provide access to finance, financial management, and capacity building to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). It has several programs for the MSME market such as wholesale lending to smaller financial institutions, cooperatives and foundations; retail or direct lending to MSMEs; and guarantee programs for larger banks to cover MSME loans without collateral or with insufficient collateral. SB Corp also provides financial management and capacity building for rural banks (RBs) with its (SB Corp) Borrower Risk Rating (BRR) System program.

SB Corp remains as the Philippine Government’s third largest provider of MSME financing, with a lending portfolio of over Php2.5 billion covering over 2,937 clients and 143 active partner financial institutions.

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