AC on track with work on ADB NIIS training manuals

The ADFIAP Consulting (AC) team, working together with ADB consultants, met on October 29, 2012 at the premises of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) to review the contents/modules of the training manuals to be produced under the ADB-supported National Infrastructure Information System (NIIS) training program. The eventual NIIS training program is deemed to be an effective approach to expand the use of NIIS to facilitate infrastructure project design and investment in the region.

NIIS is a web-based information platform that is particularly useful in the initial and early development stages of infrastructure project finance by providing a series of tools to: (a) capture key project data in a systematic and consistent way across multiple locations and multiple sectors (b) identify and fill any gaps in project planning and preparation (c) identify and mitigate project risks and (d) guide a project towards PPP structuring and private-sector institutional and commercial investment by providing links to marketing and funding resources.

The meeting was attended by ADB consultants, Dr. Eduardo Q. Canela, Mr. Rommel C. Gavieta and Ms. Lilia Casanova as well as the AC team of Ms. Cora Conde, Atty. Alberto Reyno, Ms. Cecilia Ibarra, Ms. Arlene S. Orencia, and Ms. Ma. Cristina T. Aquino. Others in the meeting were Mr. Joe Lufkin, Ms. Mai Rattanavong and Mr. Marion Funtila, representing the project managers, and Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, ADFIAP Secretary General.

ADFIAP is currently assisting in the build-up of a DFI (development finance institution) network database for NIIS which is being developed with support from the ADB and the Republic of Korea through the ADB’s Regional Technical Assistance 7379: “Establishment of e-Systems to Support Infrastructure Financing in Asia”.