ADFIAP attends SWITCH Asia II Programme launch and regional networking on SCP

ADFIAP participated in the “SWITCH Asia II Programme Launch and Regional Networking” held from October 20 – 21, 2018 at the SwissÔtel Le Concorde in Bangkok, Thailand.

The SWITCH-Asia II Programme II is a continuation of the SWITCH-Asia I Programme launched in 2008 by the European Commission to help induce and support governments, national and local authorities, consumers, businesses, SMEs and supporting associations to switch to a more sustainable paradigm for delivering the necessary transformative change in the transition to sustainable development.

SWITCH-Asia II Programme aims at strengthening the implementation of the sustainable consumption and production (SCP) policies at the regional, national and sub-national levels by providing adequate support to policy development and implementation, further raising awareness, scaling-up good practices, strengthening capacity-building of stakeholders, so as to deliver a long-lasting and effective impact, through appropriate enablers and multipliers.

ADFIAP was represented in the event by Alberto B. Reyno, Managing Principal of ADFIAP Consulting, who was one of the speakers in the parallel session on “Localizing Green Finance in Support to SMEs and Local Municipalities” where he discussed various strategies to enable SMEs with green projects to have access to finance based on ADFIAP’s experience in implementing EU-funded SWITCH Asia projects.

There were more than 100 local and foreign delegates in the event representing various stakeholders from governments, businesses, media, and non-governmental organizations.

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