ADFIAP, CDFA sign partnership agreement

CDFA-ADFIAPADFIAP and the Columbus, Ohio-based Council of Development Finance Agencies (CDFA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the promotion and implementation of the “U.S.-Asia Pacific Development Finance Exchange” (US-AsPac DevFinEx), a partnership dedicated to developing a transpacific exchange between development finance practitioners in both the U.S. and Asia-Pacific to help foster best practices, collaboration, learning and a greater understanding of how economic development and infrastructure are financed in the two jurisdictions.

This partnership will bring leaders in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific together through education, resource development, research and networking. It will offer live webcasts, online resources, live events and a dedicated partnership newsletter. Topics areas will focus primarily on financing tools used to support development in both the U.S. and Asia-Pacific, including bonds, tax increment finance, tax credits, revolving loan funds, capital access, energy finance, seed and venture capital, public-private partnerships, grants, federal/national financing and other topics deemed appropriate.

Both ADFIAP and CDFA will work together to develop a partnership newsletter, two annual webcasts featuring speakers from both U.S. and Asia-Pacific, an annual exchange which will involve a small select group of U.S.-Asia Pacific development finance practitioners participating in an onsite exchange in the host country to explore and examine development finance issues, projects, programs and real life examples.

CDFA is a national association dedicated to the advancement of development finance concerns and interests. CDFA is comprised of the nation’s leading and most knowledgeable members of the development finance community representing over 330 public, private and non-profit development entities. Members are state, county and municipal development finance agencies and authorities that provide or otherwise support economic development financing programs, including tax-exempt and taxable bonds, credit enhancement programs, and direct debt and equity investments as well as a variety of non-governmental and private organizations ranging from regional and large investment banks to commercial finance companies to bond counsel, bond insurers, trustees, venture capital companies, rating agencies, and other organizations interested in development finance.