ADFIAP shares environmental governance experience to facility managers

obpIn line with ADFIAP’s work and advocacy on environmental issues and on invitation of Mapua Techserv, an engineering consulting firm of the Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), ADFIAP Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, shared the Association and its members’ experience on environmental governance as part of the training program called, “Professional Development Course on Facilities Management”. In attendance were administration and facilities officers of universities, property managers, building administrators and engineers.

Mr. Peralta presented ADFIAP’s environmental governance standards (EGS) project implemented by the Association from 2005-2007. The EGS was an 18-month, € 346,446-grant project aimed at supporting ADFIAP’s “Greening of DFIs” initiative through an EU-Asia Environmental Governance Partnership that led to the development and initial application of EGS for member-DFIs. Among other results of the project were two resource and trainers’ booklets, namely, the internal environmental management system (‘greening’ the bank’s premises) and environment risk scan (‘greening’ the bank’s lending process). More information on the EGS publications is at

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