ADFIAP welcomes new member

The ADFIAP Board, during 88th Meeting on October 23, 2018 in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus, welcomed the newest member of ADFIAP, Alliance Finance Company PLC (Sri Lanka). AFC is the 3rd oldest finance company in Sri Lanka which was incorporated in 1956. AFC is a pioneering triple bottomline company in the country, which has successfully served four generations of loyal customers, mainly SMEs, MSMEs and other micro sectors.

AFC is the first financial institution in Sri Lanka to support and sign the Karlsruhe Resolution on Sustainable Finance in 2007 and one of the three (3) institutions accepted globally for the sustainability standards and certification initiative introduced by the European Organization for Sustainable Development in 2018. In addition, AFC also became the first financial institution in Sri Lanka to introduce savings account and the first to receive the ISO 9001: 1994 (now 9001:2015) standard.

In joining ADFIAP, AFC wishes to benefit from staff and professional development, information exchange, business cooperation/networking, and sustainable value creation. Ms. Ramani Ponnambalam and Mr. Romani De Silva are AFC’ s Chairperson and Deputy Chairman/Managing Director, respectively.

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