IDF conducts SME bankers credentialing program

ADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) provided credentials in SME banking to participants from ADFIAP members in Fiji and Micronesia for successfully completing the two-week “SME Bankers Program” held from October 16-27 at the St. Giles Hotel in Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

This event, which is under the ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program (ACCP), was designed to equip the participants with important strategies, techniques and skills in planning and managing investments in SMEs. The topics covered during the program included: the concept of development finance and the place of SME in the process of development; role of SME in supplying ingredients for development; characteristic of SME as development projects; planning, designing, and management of SME including major aspects of SME investment; orles of DFIs in the management of SME; credit analysis for on-going SME including 5Cs of credit appraisals; credit Risk for start-up SME using proforma financial documents; development of standards and policies for credit evaluation for SMEs; establishing financial management system for SMES: Budgeting, accounting, and auditing from small to medium business; approaches in Credit analysis for SMEs: personal loan and investment loan; risk Management for both start-up and on-going SMEs; loan security: asset- based collateral approach; other asset collateral approach, performance-based approach; and regulatory requirements and compliance for SMEs.

The program also afforded the participants to visit SME clients’ projects of the Esquire Financing Inc. (EFI), and the Small Business Corporation (SBC) where they were briefed on the institutions’ system of credit analysis, risk management, repayment policies, and an overview of organizational charts.

The main resource person of the program was Dr. Alberto Pena, Associate Director of the International Studies and Programs at the Illinois State University (ISU), U.S.A. For more details on ADFIAP’s ACCP program and the SME Bankers Program, please email the ADFIAP Secretariat at [email protected]

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