DBM warms Mongolian city with heating plant construction

With the approval of the Government of Mongolia and adhering to its mandate to support economic growth and finance projects and programs, the Development Bank of Mongolia (DBM), with funding support from the China Development Bank (CDB), has provided financing for the building of a heating plant in the Amgalan area of Ulaanbaatar City.

The Amgalan Heating Plant has a capacity of 348 megawatts and consisted of two (2) 6,000m network lines, seven (7) heat transportation centers, 110/10KVt power transmission lines, substations and other engineering buildings. The plant started operations in July 2016.
The project is strategically, economically and socially significant to the country as providing reliable heating system to east Ulaanbaatar, improving operations of heat supply system of the city. It also reduces air pollutions, creating the opportunity to build residences in the east zone with a comfortable living environment.

The “Amgalan Heating Plant Project” of the DBM won the 2017 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Award under the Infrastructure Development Category.

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