IDF conducts 8th FEAIP international course in Manila

FEAIPgrpADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) conducted the 8th International Seminar-Workshop on Financial and Economic Appraisal in Investment Projects (FEAIP) on February 1-5, 2015 in Manila, Philippines, with 18 participants from ADFIAP members in Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

This 5-day course was designed to provide the participants with important and relevant knowledge and skills in the appraisal of financial and economic feasibilities of investment projects from the point of view of a bank. The workshop tackled the different aspects of investment design and how the financial and economic aspects fit into the overall investment plan submitted by a client. In addition, the workshop also provided the difference in appraisal techniques between purely private-oriented investments and development projects.

Among the topics that were discussed during the seminar included the following: nature of investment projects; component of project management; project design model; investment multiplier and computation of measures of economic and financial feasibilities; financial appraisals; economic appraisal; loan packaging, restructuring & repayments; projects investment risks; and macro environment of projects.

The lecturer of the 5-day seminar was Dr. Alberto Pena, adjunct professor of the Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance and Associate Director of the International Studies & Programs of the Illinois State University, U.S.A.