Tekun Nasional designs user-friendly mobile app for its borrowers

The use of mobile application is now a must for financial institutions thus Tekun Nasional has developed the “TEKUNPay” to benefit its borrowers.

With TEKUNPay, a borrower can view online its loan details such as loans outstanding balances, amount in arrears and can also make repayment of loans 24/7 using secured online banking with no additional cost to the borrower. Any information and data on TEKUNPay are real time straight from Tekun Nasional’s system, making the service as good as cash.

TEKUNPay uses a highly secured authentication, security credentials and certification standards to ensure security of all transactions.

Since its launching in Feruary 2018, the number of registered users has increased significantly and from the point of views of the financial environment, TEKUNPay will create a cashless society among borrowers as well as the banking industry.

Today, TEKUNPay is collecting more than RM one million monthly and the figure keeps on increasing from month to month. As of December 2018, there are 27,342 borrowers already registered with TEKUNPay enjoying the benefits.

Tekun Nasional’s “TEKUNPay” received a Merit Award in the 2019 ADFIAP Outstanding Development Project Awards under the technology development category.

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