ZTBL to launch pilot project on farmers’ training

ZTBLZarai Taraqiati Bank Limited (ZTBL) has always been playing an active role in agri-technology dissemination in Pakistan. It has planned to embark on a pilot project of farmers training to inculcate best practices in crop production, orchard farming and livestock & dairy development for the farmers of the country. The project will initially be launched in the Southern farmlands of the Punjab Province and will be replicated across the country later on. The Bank at present is in process of hiring a new mix of agriculture graduates in the discipline of agronomy, horticulture, agriculture engineering and agriculture economics. The specialized training to be imparted by specialists/experts will result in better crop yields, optimization of land and soil management, water management, less post harvest damage, increased milk yield per animal, better livestock hygiene, improved fodder management and promotion of advance technologies in the areas of agriculture and dairy. Team building and cohesion will be ensured by master trainers who would be familiar with the local language of farmers.

A mobile machinery pool unit will demonstrate and impart on farm training from land preparation to harvesting of the crop. In the first phase, two crops including rice and wheat/cotton, would be selected besides dairy and livestock development. Emphasis would be on both crop extension and intensification. Farmers shall be guided to cultivate better varieties of crops and to raise better breeds of cattle. Modern dairy practices shall be taught to dairy farmers on site. A group of committed farmers will be selected who are willing to get trained and spare time and land for this activity. Training centers shall be selected according to specialized area of each specialist hired and according to the spheres of activities planned. Rigorous but practical training will be imparted to each of them in the best training centers among public/private sector. Better yield in crop and dairy will eventually lead farmers towards reaping better profitability and prosperity. The project is expected to help in reviving and modernizing the agriculture sector in the country.