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ADFIAPNET is a strategic fintech initiative by ADFIAP, developed in partnership with technology providers, to deliver advanced fintech solutions that empower financial institutions. ADFIAPNET offers core banking software for members seeking to upgrade their outdated legacy systems. Our suite of services is tailored to meet the digital transformation and fintech needs of our members.

IT Consulting and Audit

Includes strategic IT consulting, cybersecurity audits, regulatory compliance checks, and system audits to enhance IT governance, risk management, and compliance standards for financial institutions.

Technology Solutions Development

Specializes in creating innovative tech solutions for the financial sector. This includes blockchain solutions for transparent transactions, AI and machine learning tools for analytics and customer service, and RegTech solutions for automated compliance management.

Fintech Application Development and Integrated Services

Involves creating custom applications, modernizing legacy systems, and managing APIs to ensure seamless functionality within the financial institution's technological environment.

Infrastructure Development and Managed Services

Encompass planning, implementing, and managing IT infrastructure, including cloud services, network security, data centers, and ongoing IT support for optimal performance and security.

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