International Seminar-Workshop on Strategic Compliance: Powering Business Continuity


International and local laws, rules and regulations, including internal policies and procedures exist for good reasons. The adoption and effective implementation of a strategic compliance management program helps everyone in an organization to fully understand and appreciate the value of compliance to identify and manage risks at their respective levels to attain business goals, manage business disruptions and combat frauds and money laundering.

While compliance is still about following the rules, growing emphasis on values cannot be understated. The regulatory compliance and the ethics and integrity of what’s right have to be served together
A solid strategic compliance not only reduces the cost of penalties, if not eliminate them, but also of internal audit investigations and inquiries into compliance breaches. More importantly, it is an effective strategy for business continuity and sustainability.

The Program provides a general overview of the compliance function in organizations, introduces key compliance principles and frameworks, and dwells on the specific laws, rules, and standards. It covers the theoretical and practical aspects of compliance, risk management, internal control and internal audit as they relate to business continuity. Participants are also introduced to specific issues faced by compliance officers and compliance teams, and provided best practices and illustrative cases, as applicable.

1. To provide the participants with knowledge framework on governance and compliance, risk management, and internal control and internal audit;
2. To provide a venue for discussing the key responsibilities required of organizations, specific compliance issues, and best practices and illustrative cases;
3. To facilitate the participant’s analysis of best practices and sample cases on compliance, risk management, and internal control and internal audit.
4. To provide guidance in the preparation of compliance program for their respective institutions, or create avenue for the enhancement of their existing compliance programs.

Composed of select group from ADFIAP’s pool of management experts and bank practitioners.

Target Participants

Personnel (up to middle management level) of banks and non-bank financial institutions:
1. Front office – Credit and Branch Banking
2. Middle office – Compliance and Risk Management
3. Backroom/support – Accounting and IT
4. Internal Audit



March 20, 2023


March 24, 2023


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