ADFIAP all set for 39th Annual Meetings in Samoa

ADFIAP Samoa logoThe ADFIAP Secretariat in Manila in cooperation with member-hosts in Samoa are all set for the holding of the 39th Annual Meetings in Apia Samoa on May 2-5, 2016, with the theme “DFIs: Building Partnerships for Climate Change Resilience”. The event, hosted by the Development Bank of Samoa (DBS), Samoa National Provident Fund (SNPF), and Samoa Housing Corporation (SHC), is expected to be attended by more than a hundred delegates from ADFIAP members, partner-organizations and invited guests.

The theme for this year’s Annual Meetings is relevant and timely considering the problems on climate change that are affecting all nations, including the small island countries in the Pacific region. The conference proper will cover six (6) different plenary sessions to discuss and dissect the various topics and issues revolving around the theme, with speakers from ADFIAP members and other invited speakers who will be sharing their insights and knowledge. Session 1 will be on enhancing of regional cooperation for climate change resilience; Session 2 will be on policy framework and sustainable partnerships to enable coordination of climate change initiatives; Session 3 will be on DFIs engagement in addressing a green economy, poverty reduction and inclusive development; Session 4 will be on creating an enabling environment to facilitate access to finance and financial cooperation; Session 5 will be on SMEs: Enhancing the role and contribution for sustainable development; and Session 6 will be on the roadmap for the 2030 agenda for sustainable development.

Other highlights of the Meetings will be the General Assembly Meeting, the 83rd ADFIAP Board of Directors Meeting, the Delegate-Meets-Delegate Session, the Welcome Dinner and Awards Night, and the drafting of the “Samoa Declaration”, a set of action plans for ADFIAP and its member-DFIs which aligns with the topics presented and discussed during the Annual Meetings.

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