ADFIAP annual meeting delegates craft ‘Nha Trang Declaration’

Nha Trang DeclarationThe delegates attending the 38th ADFIAP Annual Meetings have crafted during its last session on May 14, 2015, the ‘Nha Trang Declaration’, a summation of the presentations and discussions covering the theme of the conference and as a reference for action. The following statements constituted the ‘Nha Trang Declaration’:

Declaration No. 1: Leading the Way in Environmental Governance and Management. Mindful of their work and advocacy on environmental governance and management, ADFIAP and its members will lead the way, starting within their respective institutions and premises, to undertake energy efficiency programs, environmental systems, environmental due diligence and other initiatives to fulfill their mandate of sustainable development.

Declaration No. 2: Mobilizing Funded and Non-Funded Facilities and Accelerating Investments in Sustainable Infrastructure. ACKNOWLEDGING the enormity and scope of investment required to improve existing infrastructure and build new ones to sustain economic growth, ADFIAP and its members will continue to contribute in mobilizing funded and non-funded facilities and accelerating access to finance for infrastructure development such as, but not limited to, road networks, transportation, energy, telecommunications, water and sanitation, waste treatment, green buildings and housing, and other related infrastructure projects.

Declaration No. 3: Initiating Partnerships for Sustainable Infrastructure: COMMITTING to the mission of ADFIAP in advancing sustainable development in members’ countries, particularly in using finance as an instrument to catalyze economic, environmental and social development, ADFIAP and its members will continue to seek and initiate partnerships and collaborative undertakings with both the public and private sectors to improve policies, mobilize resources and promote investments for sustainable infrastructure.

Declaration No. 4: Developing Support Systems for Sustainable Infrastructure. REALIZING that while finance is an essential resource to pursue infrastructure development, ADFIAP and its members will use existing and/or develop new support mechanisms such as research and development, capacity building, information systems and risk mitigation tools as well as project preparation capacity and technical advisory services to further boost their resource capabilities to increase their role and participation in the sustainable infrastructure space.

Declaration No. 5: Harnessing the Association’s Network for Business Cooperation in Sustainable Infrastructure. RECOGNIZING the enormous potential of working together and sharing expertise, experience and resources, ADFIAP and its members will continue to explore ways and means to further contribute to the infrastructure development of their respective countries and potential cross border cooperation through a common platform that ADFIAP will develop within which the proposed Asia-Pacific Infrastructure Development and Guarantee Fund is envisaged to be undertaken.

Declaration No. 6. Integrating Social and Entrepreneurship Dimensions in Infrastructure Development. Considering that sustainable infrastructure development covers as well social and entrepreneurship dimensions, ADFIAP and its members will continue to integrate these factors in promoting financial inclusion and financing micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs).

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