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ADFIAP as a social enterprise

In its meeting on December 17, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand, the ADFIAP Board has set minimum standard requirements for Board members and officers as part of its ongoing governance process improvement.

Having all the elements of an organization operating as a social enterprise, the ADFIAP Board on its meeting on December 17, 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand has approved the strategic business model for ADFIAP into the future.

Since its inception 31 years ago, ADFIAP as an Association, was organized and has acted as a social enterprise although it was not formally communicated to be so. First, ADFAP is not-for-profit organization and non-government organization. As such, it has been recognized as an NGO in consultative status by the United Nations’ Economic and Social Council and has worked with UN agencies such as the UNDP, UNIDO, UNTAD, UNEP, and ITC to advocate for economic, social and environmental development.

Second, ADFIAP has a set of development-oriented stakeholders, i.e., members and partners that espouse to deliver financial, social and environmental performance results that are often referred to as having a triple bottom line approach.

And third, ADFIAP, like a business a business organization, uses its entrepreneurial management and skills to create and provide products and services, such as training programs, publications and web-resources that are offered for a fee in the “market”.

The strategic business model of ADFIAP going forward includes the scaling up of its Institute of Development Finance (IDF); the setting up of the ADFIAP Strategic Center (ASC) as its R&D and consulting unit; and the putting up of the ADFIAP Development Foundation as a grant-making and outreach unit. The implementing guidelines of these units will be formulated in more details shortly.


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