ADFIAP assists NIIS project via DFI network database build-up

To facilitate infrastructure project preparation and financing in the region, ADFIAP is assisting in the build-up of a DFI network database for the National Infrastructure Information Systems (NIIS), a web-based information platform developed with support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Republic of Korea through the ADB’s Regional Technical Assistance 7379: “Establishment of e-Systems to Support Infrastructure Financing in Asia”.

The NIIS is particularly useful in the initial and early development stages of infrastructure project finance by providing a series of tools to: (a) capture key project data in a systematic and consistent way across multiple locations and multiple sectors (b) identify and fill any gaps in project planning and preparation (c) identify and mitigate project risks and (d) guide a project towards PPP structuring and private-sector institutional and commercial investment by providing links to marketing and funding resources.

NIIS users include project developers such as government and government agencies; project advisors and developers; and financiers such as banks, investment funds, DFIs and other financial institutions.

NIIS facilitates information gathering, reporting and exchange in three platforms: (1) Open Site, a publicly-accessible website that provides overall information and newsfeed on infrastructure projects (2) Knowledge Hub, a moderated social network platform for NIIS users to communicate to each other, and access resources and news on infrastructure development and (3) Project Platform, a unique web-accessible relational database application which allows users to create and manage complex data and documents regarding infrastructure and climate projects. For more information, please email [email protected]

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