ADFIAP attends 3rd SSCI Council meeting

ADFIAP, represented by its Secretary General, Mr. Octavio B. Peralta, and two of its members, Alliance Finance Company Plc. of Sri Lanka, represented by its Deputy Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Romani de Silva, and the ASKI Group of Companies (Philippines), represented by its Manager, Resource Mobilization and Corporate Communications Department, Mr. Erwin S. Embuscado, attended the 3rd Council Meeting of the Sustainability Standards and Certification Initiative (SSCI) held on July 13, 2019 at the Villa Hammerschmiede in Karlsruhe, Germany, after the 9th Global Sustainable Finance Conference (GSFC 9).

The SSCI is being developed by the European Organization for Sustainable Development (EOSD) which is a partner of ADFIAP and its African counterpart, the Association of African DFIs (AADFI) in the organization of the GSFC held each year in July in Karlsruhe. As an offshoot of the GSFC, both ADFIAP and AADFI are council members of the SSCI.

The SSCI provides an all-encompassing framework for holistic integration of sustainability to drive innovation in the organizational culture. SSCI inspires the creation of business models based on stakeholder value in a fast-changing world, thereby ensuring the long-term viability of certified financial institutions. It ensures that the work and strategies of certified institutions are congruent with the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and national development agendas.
This initiative is currently available only to few selected ADFIAP and AADFI members which have demonstrated their capacity in adapting new standards and top management commitment to sustainability. In addition, the practical issues for supporting the adaptation process are taken into account. Acceptance in SSCI is through an application process and subject to approval by the Council.

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