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ADFIAP attends environmental technology verification program

DSC01262ADFIAP attended the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) workshop organized by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) through the Industrial Technology Development Institute (ITDI) of the Philippines on July 22 at the Lourdes Suites in Makati City, Philippines. ADFIAP was represented by its Knowledge and Management Group Head, Mr. Enrique Florencio.

The DOST is implementing the ETV program to facilitate the deployment of innovative and/or improved environmental technologies through performance verification and dissemination of information. The goal of this initiative is to promote environmental protection by accelerating the acceptance and use of improved and cost-effective clean technologies. Specifically, it aims to: (1) identify the technology needs of specific industry sectors (2) institute quality assurance and quality control of data being used for ETV and (3) discuss issues on the setting up of priorities and parameters in technology verification that will address the stakeholders’ needs. These stakeholders are composed of representatives from government (regulatory agencies and financing agencies), buyers and users of technology, consulting engineers, service providers, environmental organizations and technology developers and vendors.

ADFIAP’s participation in the program will further advance its advocacy on environmental governance in support of its “Greening of DFIs” project which in 2005 received a grant from the EU-Asia Pro Eco Programme of the European Commission (see details at


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