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ADFIAP establishes a Membership Subcommittee to enhance engagement and empower member institutions

In a move to enhance its membership operations and outreach efforts, ADFIAP recently announced the formation and approval of a Subcommittee on Membership. “We are excited to announce the formation of the Subcommittee on Membership and are grateful to the members of the Board who have volunteered to serve on this important initiative,” said Mr. Saud Minam, ADFIAP Chairman. “Their active involvement will be instrumental in driving our efforts to strengthen our network, expand our reach, and deliver greater value to our member institutions.”

The formation of the Subcommittee on Membership was approved by the ADFIAP Board of Directors in its 96th BOD Meeting held in Phom Penh, Cambodia on May 16, 2024 with several prominent members of the Board volunteering to serve on the subcommittee. Among the institutions represented on the subcommittee are the Development Bank of Samoa, Agricultural and Rural Development Bank (Cambodia), Development Bank of the Philippines, and the Development Bank (Oman). The Development Bank of Japan, Inc., is still for confirmation.

The Subcommittee on Membership is set to play a crucial role in supporting the ADFIAP Secretariat in its efforts to develop strategies and initiatives that will promote greater participation and engagement among member institutions. By leveraging the expertise and resources of these key development financing organizations, the subcommittee aims to enhance collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capacity building among ADFIAP members. These efforts may include organizing networking events, knowledge-sharing forums, capacity-building workshops, and other activities aimed at fostering collaboration and partnership within the ADFIAP community.

As ADFIAP continues to play a pivotal role in advancing sustainable development and financial inclusion in the region, the formation of the Subcommittee on Membership represents a significant step forward in strengthening the organization’s membership base and enhancing its impact across Asia and the Pacific.


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