ADFIAP, EU, BIDV Organize EGS Conference in Vietnam

ADFIAP, in cooperation with the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, and with funding support from the European Union’s Asia Pro-Eco Programme, is holding a Working Conference on Environmental Governance Standards (EGS) for Asian DFIs on March 20-22, 2006 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

This conference serves as a venue for the presentation of the research studies undertaken by ADFIAP’s EGS project partners – Germany’s Wuppertal Institute and the U.K’s University of Leeds – on internal environmental management system (EMS) and environmental rating system for project finance (ERS), respectively, and first validation process of the proposed EGS tools by the intended users, i.e., ADFIAP members. The resulting measures, methods, tools and instruments will be the bases for the subsequent development of a trainer’s guidebook and a resource book for dissemination and use of member-banks.

The EGS is an 18-month, 346,446 Euro-grant project to support ADFIAP’s “Greening of DFIs” Project through an EU-Asia Environmental Partnership. The EGS aims to develop an Environmental Performance Monitoring Program (EPM) that comprises specialized management tools and instruments at the institutional level to benchmark their internal environmental management policies and practices against best-industry standards; and the Environmental Rating Standards for Loan Appraisals and Project Finance (ERS), a set of concrete measures for integrating environmental issues in established risk assessment procedures in lending to borrower-clients.

For more information and details of the EGS project, please visit its website at

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