ADFIAP joins BPI in observing Sustainability Awareness Month

In conjunction with BPI’s Sustainability Awareness Month this June, the Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia and the Pacific (ADFIAP) and the Bank of the Philippines Islands (BPI) will host a webinar on Managing Transition Risks for Sustainability.

Financial institutions will be guided on how to integrate the transition agenda into financial operations and manage transition-related financial risks to ensure loan portfolio sustainability; how they can help to achieve a carbon-neutral economy; and how they can use environmental and social risk factors to make sound lending and investment decisions.

Mr. Enrique Florencio, Secretary General of ADFIAP, will speak about the Role of Financial Institutions in Sustainable Finance and Factors for Sound Financing and Investment Decisions. Ms. Maria Teresita Lacerna and Ms. Marinella Cecilla Pascua, lead consultants at ADFIAP Finance and Investment Center (AFIC), will discuss Protecting Your Portfolio from Transition Risks and Managing E&S Risks and Impacts of Financial Institutions Lending and Investment Operations, respectively.

ADFIAP member banks are invited to attend this webinar by registering now via

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