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ADFIAP joins Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEAD) 2022

Upon the invitation of the Asian Development Bank, ADFIAP represented by its Secretary-General, Mr. Enrique I. Florencio, and Business Development and Marketing Group Head, Mr.  John Alianza joined the Asian Development Bank symposium on Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS) 2022.  The SEADS 2022 with the theme “Sustainable Solutions for Southeast Asia’s Recovery” provides governments in Southeast Asia with a unique opportunity to discuss innovative solutions that can help countries “Build Back Better” and rebound from the COVID-19 crisis.

The Southeast Asia Development Solutions Knowledge and Innovation Platform (SEADS) was created to sow seeds of growth to help member countries of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) become prosperous, knowledge-based, and sustainable economies.

SEADS 2022 specifically focuses on actionable solutions supporting three key lynchpins of the region’s recovery and revitalization, as follows: (1) addressing debilitating supply chain bottlenecks; (2) rejuvenating the region’s once-flourishing tourism industry; and (3) advancing digital transformation.

The third Southeast Asia Development Symposium (SEADS), “Sustainable Solutions for Southeast Asia’s Recovery,” held on 16–17 March drew more than 7,600 registered participants, leaders from government, industry, academia, and the development sector.


For more information visit: Symposium 2022 | SEADS (


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