ADFIAP Members invited to invest in the COMESA Infrastructure Fund

ADFIAP was approached by the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank, commonly known as the PTA Bank, to invite its members in the Asia-Pacific region to invest in the COMESA Infrastructure Fund (CIF). PTA Bank is currently building up a fund management division and has recently been awarded the management of the CIF. PTA Bank will seed the CIF and will raise additional funds from investors, targeting specifically development finance institutions (DFIs) and sovereign wealth funds.

The CIF offers global investors exposure to cash generative and profitable infrastructure projects in Africa. It is positioned as a suitable investment for long-term investors seeking for stable yields and for investors looking at financing institutions fostering development in Africa.

PTA Bank was established on November 1985 pursuant to the provisions of Chapter 9 of the Treaty (1981) establishing the Preferential Trade Area for the Eastern and Southern African States (PTA) which was later transformed into the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA). The PTA Bank provides project and Infrastructure finance as well as trade finance as its core products and services.

For more information on the CIF, please email the ADFIAP Secretariat at [email protected]

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