ADFIAP Secretariat presents plaque of membership to the IFCL Group

IFCL1 (2)The ADFIAP Secretariat presented on June 25, 2013, in a simple ceremony held at the Association’s Manila Headquarters, the plaque of membership to the IFCL Group as Sponsor/Sustaining Member of the Association. The ADFIAP Board and General Assembly approved and confirmed the IFCL’s membership application on May 22, 2013 during their Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia meetings, respectively. In joining ADFIAP, the IFCL Group wishes to benefit from the Association’s information exchange, business cooperation and capacity-building programs and activities, and in like manner, would like also to share its experience and expertise in these areas.

Under the ADFIAP Constitution, Sponsor/Sustaining Members are “public and private institutions, non-government organizations and individuals that support the purpose and mission of ADFIAP and are willing to pay membership dues or contribution to assist the Association financially”. At present, ADFIAP has nine (9) Sponsor/Sustaining Members in its roster,

IFCL Group with offices in Manila and representatives in the U.K. and the U.S., is headed by Mr. Joseph C. Lufkin, formerly with and continuously working on consulting basis with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). It provides both strategic and transactional advisory services to financial institutions and corporate clients related to industrial, infrastructure, energy, property, resources and agricultural projects and assets from concept through structuring, capital-raising, mergers and acquisitions and disposals and decommissioning. The Group’s entities include the Industrial Finance Corporation, Ltd., Infrastructure Finance Corporation, Ltd., Institutional Development Advisory Services, Ltd., and INDEX Transaction Services, Ltd.

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