ADFIAP Secretariat sets the path for 2022

The ADFIAP Secretariat held  its annual strategic planning for 2022 on January 18, 2022, via zoom with the theme “ADFIAP – Seeing 2022: The Time to Act is Now.” ADFIAP will continue to implement Plan H, or High Value, High Impact, Highly Resourced, and High Technology-Driven strategic plan said Enrique Florencio, ADFIAP Secretary-General. The association will be at the forefront of Online Courses and Certification Programs, Online Consulting and Advisory Services, Online / Desk Surveys and Research Studies, Grants, Virtual Events, and Online Publications and Resources.

New projects have been presented by ADFIAP Consulting (AC) and ADFIAP Finance and Investment Center (AFIC) through partnerships with member banks and various agencies. Among which is Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and ADFIAP Partnership on Knowledge and Opportunity Exchange, emphasizing the necessity of partnering with National Development Banks in each member country.

ADFIAP will also hold two training sessions on Climate Finance Risks and Opportunities, as well as Climate Finance Best Practices: From Funding to Impact. IDF will offer courses on Integrating Social and Environmental Risk Management in the Lending and Investment Process as well as other thematic offerings such as exploring opportunities for collaborative work, forming partnerships with non-members and other organizations, acquiring grants, expressing interest in, or requesting proposals, and gaining visibility on webinars and workshops.

Promoting continuing education and professionalization among its members, ADFIAP is working with the London Institute of Business and Technology on finalizing the modules of ADFIAP’s Career Credentialing Programme (ACCP). Strengthening professionalization in the digital sphere, ADFIAP will launch the Institute of Development Finance (IDF) Online by the first quarter of this year. Alongside this is the launching of eCommunity where IDF alumni now could collaborate, exchange ideas, and discuss topics of interest in sustainable financing, best practices among fellow development banking professionals.

Lastly, preparations are underway for its 45th founding anniversary on its 45th Annual Meeting in Manila on October 26-27, 2022.

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