ADFIAP SG visits CDB, explores training collaboration

Taking the opportunity after attending a “by-invitation only” workshop on DFIs and green energy at the Peking University in Beijing, ADFIAP Secretary General, Octavio B. Peralta, visited the headquarters of China Development Bank (CDB) and met with senior officials of the International Finance Department (IFD) and the Education and Training Department (ETD).

Mr. Peralta met with Mr. Liang Huijiang, IFD Director General, Mr. Bian Shiyuan, IFD Deputy Director General for Business Administration, Ms. Zhang Xiaorong, IFD Director for Business Administration, Mr. Li Shiyang of the International Liaison Office, IFD and Ms. Li Ming, Deputy Director of ETD.

Mr. Liang briefed Mr. Peralta on the current thrusts of CDB, in particular on its involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative of the government as well as potential training collaboration in this regard. Mr. Peralta updated the attendees on ADFIAP’s work and advocacy on the sustainable development goals and possible training opportunities on the SDGs. Both thanked each other for the long-standing relationship between ADFIAP and CDB as they look forward to a continuing cooperation.

CDB is the country’s preeminent policy-based financial institution. CDB is the world’s largest development finance institution, and the largest Chinese bank for foreign investment and financing cooperation, long-term lending and bond issuance.

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