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ADFIAP, SIF conduct webinar on SOURCE: the Multilateral Platform for Infrastructure

ADFIAP and the Geneva-based Sustainable Infrastructure Foundation (SIF) jointly conducted a webinar on “SOURCE: The Multilateral Platform for Infrastructure” on March 3, 2021 attended by 22 participants from ADFIAP member-DFIs.

SOURCE is the multilateral platform for sustainable infrastructure-led and funded by Multilateral Development Banks (MDBs). SOURCE supports the development of well-prepared projects to bridge the infrastructure gap and governments’ digitalization agenda.

The SOURCE platform provides a comprehensive map of all aspects to consider for the preparation of sustainable infrastructure, for both traditional procurement and Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs), covering governance, technical, economic, legal, financial, environmental, and social issues. It uses sector-specific templates covering all the stages of the project cycle, spanning from project definition to operation and maintenance as well as allowing the definition of specific targets to fulfill the SDGs and Paris Agreement.

The speakers were Christophe Dossarps, CEO of SIF, who walked the participants through the SOURCE cloud-based platform, and Trevor Lewis, Advisor, SPD, and Head Unit for Non-Sovereign Operations of the Asian Development Bank.

SIF is a not-for-profit Swiss foundation headquartered in Geneva that coordinates the provision of SOURCE by managing the development of SOURCE, providing capacity-building to SOURCE users and conducting the adoption of SOURCE by governments, public agencies and international organizations.

For more information on the webinar and SOURCE, please email the ADFIAP Secretariat at [email protected]


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