ADFIAP welcomes first international student intern

ADFIAP, through its Global Internship and Leadership Program (AGILE), has welcomed Roger Louis de Jong as its first international student intern. Roger is from the Netherlands and has a bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

Roger has enrolled in AGILE to gain more international exposure and to learn more on how developing economies in Asia work vis-à-vis the West where he took his undergraduate studies. Through AGILE, he aspires to be able to experience the unique opportunity to learn from one of the most dynamic economies of the world – the Asia-Pacific region. Roger will be actively involved in ADFIAP projects where he will be working with people from different experiences and backgrounds.

AGILE is one of ADFIAP’s means to strengthen partnerships among organizations as well as to connect people and ideas to inspire leadership in the global context. It was designed to broaden the knowledge and exposure of local and international students in development finance. Under ADFIAP’s supervision, the program will provide students with international experience while developing skills and deepening their knowledge in the field of development banking and finance. The program is open to all local and international students who are enrolled in a master’s program in business, economics, finance, development management, international relations, communications, or related area of study.

For more details of the AGILE program, please click this link: or email Norman Tilos, ADFIAP Deputy Secretary General at [email protected] .

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