ADFIAP welcomes GCEL’s HumaWealth Program

GCEL2ADFIAP Sustaining Member, Global Coalition for Efficient Logistics (GCEL) visited the ADFIAP Secretariat in Manila on January 12, 2011 to present its global initiative, HumaWealth Program, a soft infrastructure-based, public-private partnership platform which aims to deliver the tools to, among others, reduce the cost of trade, increase the buying power of emerging economies, offer market opportunities for the finance, insurance and technology industries and assist small and medium enterprises (SMEs) access financing and other support mechanisms.

GCEL’s Secretary General, Dr. Mark R. Drabenstott and Executive Member, Mr. Vibin Menon briefed their counterparts in ADFIAP, Secretary General Octavio B. Peralta, Deputy Secretary General Isidro A. Sobrecarey and ADFIAP Consulting Group Head, Ms. Cora D. Conde on the content, structure and initial work of the HumaWealth program.

ADFIAP member-DFIs would have the opportunity to learn more of the program through conferences and training events that will ensue, particularly for the benefit of their SME clients. Moving forward, DFIs would benefit from the robust database that the program will generate which is envisioned to increase lending to SMEs which are considered the “backbone” of most economies.

GCEL is a non-profit, public-private partnership based in Geneva, Switzerland that brings together governments and the private sector to deliver tangible programs to achieve sustainable global growth. For more details on CGEL and the HumaWealth program, please visit

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