AFIC starts work in earnest

The ADFIAP Finance and Investment Center (AFIC), the third business unit of ADFIAP – the other two are the Institute of Development Finance (IDF), its training and professional career development arm, and the ADFIAP Consulting (AC) – was created out of the aspiration of ADFIAP members to harness the synergies and collaboration potential of its ever-growing network to undertake finance and investment opportunities between and among its members as well as its partners and affiliates.

Approved by the ADFIAP Board on December 7, 2015, AFIC’s genesis actually started at the 37th ADFIAP Annual Meeting on April 23-25, 2014 held in Moscow when member-delegates, echoing similar past discussions and sentiments, have expressed the desire to leverage the resources available to ADFIAP into business cooperation opportunities that would meet the strategic needs of members over a wide spectrum of economic environments. Making these opportunities into fruition would bring reality content to defined modalities for development and international collaboration while adding sustainable financial vibrancy to ADFIAP’s operations.

It took some time for AFIC to take form and substance as well as to have a competent and dedicated staff to run it. Now that the AFIC team has finally been formed and focus has been sharpened and priorities identified, AFIC is now finally “open for business”.

More details to follow as the AFIC homepage is still being developed.


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