Board Constitutes 3 Permanent Committees

The ADFIAP Board, in its 63rd Meeting in Colombo, has constituted 3 permanent working committees to enhance governance and allow for active participation of its members. The three committees will each be headed by the three present Vice Chairmen.

The permanent working committees and their terms of reference are as follows:

I. Training Committee. The objective of the committee is to guide the ADFIAP Secretariat in formulating training programs for the Association and defining the qualification standards for professional accreditation of development bankers under the Institute of Development Finance’s (IDF) credentialing program.

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are to:
(i) Approve training and professional development program and strategies of the Association and guide the operations of the IDF;

(ii) Guide the Secretariat in defining the qualifications and standards for professional accreditation for the conferment of the IDF credentials;

(iii) Guide the Secretariat in formulating the course content of modules of the training programs to be conducted;

(iv) Approve the conferment of professional credentials for Levels 1(Associate in Development Banking) & 2 (Affiliate in Development Bank Management) and recommend the conferment of the credential for level 3 (Fellow in Development Banking) to the BOD for approval;

(v) Approve the applications for franchise of the credentialing program by member-banks, other financial institutions, learning institutes, and other training service providers;

(vi) Coordinate the training programs between ADFIAP with multilateral financial institutions, international partners and other organizations; and,

(vii)Guide the Secretariat in raising revenue to support activities of the Association, and review and recommend the budget of the IDF for BOD approval.

II. Finance Committee. The objective of the committee is to raise funds for the Association and help improve its financial condition.

The duties and responsibilities of the Committee are to:
(i) Assist the Secretariat in expanding the Association’s sources of funds;

(ii) Find ways and means to enhance the budgeting and financial policies of the Association;

(iii) Improve the financial standing of the Association; and,

(iv) Review the Association’s budget for the year.

III. Business Cooperation Committee. The main objective of the committee is to explore and create business opportunities and ventures among member-banks.

The duties and responsibilities of the committee are to:
(i) Generate ideas for business cooperation among members;

(ii) Organize, through the Secretariat, business networking events;

(iii) Propose business ventures and seek partners and investors, including non-members; and

(iv)Help manage the business ventures that will be consummated

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