Cambodian Study Tour on SMEs and Microfinance Set

Following its successful runs of two (2) microfinance study tour programs held in Manila and four (4) SME study tour programs held in Manila , Malaysia , Bangkok and Tokyo, ADFIAP is currently organizing a study tour program combining SME finance and microfinance this time in Phnom Pehn and Siem Reap, in cooperation with its Cambodian member, the Rural Development Bank (RDB). Cambodia ‘s SME finance and microfinance sectors are thriving and the country has many successful SME and micro finance institutions.

The Cambodian event, which will be held on November 19 to 21, 2007, aims to expose the participants to and deepen their knowledge on the country’s best practices on SME finance and microfinance by visiting various industry major players and policy making bodies as well as conduits of wholesale and retail SME and microfinance funds. It also aims to provide a platform for them to exchange views and ideas on SME finance and microfinance, leading to a broader and richer understanding of the significant role that DFIs play in the promotion of SME finance and microfinance in their respective countries.

The target participants are senior officers/managers in-charge of SMEs and microfinance units as well as key officers from government financial institutions/policy-making bodies involved in promoting SME and microfinance initiatives.

The ADFIAP Events Team, who is responsible for this program, is the business unit of the Association that specializes in organizing and managing specific and demand-driven activities aside from the formal training and credentialing courses offered by the ADFIAP Institute of Development Finance (IDF). These activities include conferences, symposia, exhibits & expos, study tours, on-the-job programs, etc.

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