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Export-Import Bank of India and ADFIAP explore possible collaboration

August 3, 2023, Manila, Philippines – Mr. Sriram P. Subramaniam, Managing Director and CEO of GPCL Consulting Services Limited visited ADFIAP’s headquarters to explore potential collaborations.

GPCL, promoted by the Export-Import Bank of India (India Exim Bank), is a unique public-private partnership model, that was set up in 1996, for providing project-related services covering Procurement, Technical & Financial Management domains, including Training & Capacity Building activities. The meeting aimed to foster collaboration and leverage each organization’s strengths to drive positive change in the region.

During the meeting, GPCL and ADFIAP discussed innovative ways to empower member development banks and financial institutions in promoting sustainable growth and resilience. They highlighted the importance of robust consultancy and capacity-building programs to equip development financing institutions (DFIs) with the latest skills and knowledge required to tackle evolving challenges.

ADFIAP’s Secretary-General, Mr. Enrique Florencio, states, “GPCL’s extensive experience in socio-economic development aligns with ADFIAP’s mission to enhance the role of development financing institutions in the region. Together, we can drive impactful socio-economic initiatives and strengthen the capabilities of our member institutions.”

The collaboration between GPCL and ADFIAP is expected to open up new avenues for knowledge sharing, and project implementation. It aims to create a positive and sustainable impact on local communities, supporting their journey toward economic growth and social well-being.


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