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Four institutions join ADFIAP, ups membership to 76

Four institutions, one each from Indonesia, Pakistan, the Philippines and Australia, have joined ADFIAP as Special Members, raising its membership to 76 member-institutions in 36 countries, a big start for the Association as it aims to grow its constituency in the development banking sector.

P.T. Bank Ekspor Indonesia,, (BEI) functions as an export credit agency which, in most countries, are commonly referred to as an exim bank.

BEI was established on May 25, 1999 by the Indonesian Government, with the main objective of providing access for Indonesia’s export related commodities to the world markets. This interrelationship intensifies the level of international trade while at the same time, substantially improves Indonesia’s economic standing.

The President of BEI is Mr. Arifin Indra.

First Credit and Investment Bank Limited,, (FCIB) was established in 1989 (formerly First Credit and Discount Corporation Limited). FCIB is a joint venture of two mega institutions of Pakistan, namely, National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Pakistan Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). It is a public limited company carrying out its business as a non-banking finance company under the regulatory control of Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP).

FCIB offers various investment banking services to all sectors with the aim of promoting investment and economic development in the country. These services include advisory services as well as fund based and non-fund based financial assistance. FCIB has played a vital role in developing the bond market in the country by advising and arranging various series of bonds and performing market-making functions.

Mr. Mohammad Imran Malik is the President & CEO of FCIB.

Export Finance and Insurance Corporation,, (EFIC) is a specialised financial services organisation supporting Australian businesses exporting and investing overseas by providing finance, finance guarantees, insurance and bonding facilities.

As an export credit agency, EFIC operates beyond the limits of the commercial market. It provides the support needed when financial, country or industry risks exceed the capacity available in financial markets. EFIC does not compete with the commercial market, but collaborates with it to improve the competitiveness of Australian companies.

EFIC’s network also extends beyond traditional commercial sources to global export credit and multilateral agencies and Australian government agencies. This provides Australian businesses a competitive advantage in growing internationally.

EFIC is a self-funding statutory corporation, wholly-owned by the Commonwealth of Australia.

Mr. Angus Armour is the CEO of EFIC.

The Land Bank of the Philippines, is a government financial institution that strikes a balance in fulfilling its social mandate of promoting countryside development while remaining financially viable. This dual function makes LANDBANK unique. The profits derived from its commercial banking operations are used to finance the Bank’s developmental programs and initiatives.

Over the years, LANDBANK has successfully managed this tough balancing act as evidenced by the continued expansion of its loan portfolio in favor of its priority sectors: the farmers and fisherfolk, small and medium enterprises and microenterprises, livelihood loans and agribusiness, agri-infrastructure and other agri- and environment-related projects.

Today, LANDBANK is by far the largest formal credit institution in the rural areas. Its credit delivery system is able to penetrate a substantial percentage of the country’s total number of municipalities.

LANDBANK also ranks among the top five commercial banks in the country in terms of deposits, assets, loans and capital.

The President and CEO of Landbank is Ms. Gilda E. Pico.


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