GA issues “The Moscow Declaration”

DPM_9445ADFIAP members who attended the 37th Annual Meeting held on April 23-24, 2014 in Moscow, Russia, have issued the “Moscow Declaration” with the following statements:

Declaration No. 1 Accelerating Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth Initiatives. ACKNOWLEDGING that financial inclusion and inclusive growth are mutually re-inforcing components of sustainable development, ADFIAP and its members will continue, in cooperation with same-purposed institutions, to further develop and scale up financial inclusion initiatives such as microfinance, impact investing, financial literacy programs, provision of technology-based financial services, improving credit information and risk assessment and other related endeavors.

Declaration No. 2. Enhancing Infrastructure Finance Programs. REALIZING the need for infrastructure support to sustain economic growth and the enormity of investments required to finance such infrastructure development, ADFIAP and its members will continue to contribute their part in mobilizing funds, in partnering with the private and public sectors, and in developing lending programs to finance infrastructure development in their respective countries.

Declaration No. 3. Sustaining Green Finance Programs. RECOGNIZING the harmful effects of environmental degradation and climate change to social and economic well-being, ADFIAP and its members will continue providing funds for energy efficiency programs, clean and renewable energy, low-carbon emission, water and sanitation projects, waste treatment facilities, green buildings and housing structures, sustainable agriculture and forests and other related environmental projects.

Declaration No. 4. Intensifying Support for MSMEs. STRENGTHENING assistance to micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) through the provision of financial and non-financial support, ADFIAP members will further intensify their existing programs and services for the development and growth of this sector.

Declaration No. 5. Creating Innovative Solutions to Future Challenges. REALIZING that sustainability as development finance institutions is continuously challenged by the ever-changing dynamics of global, regional and local developments, ADFIAP and its members will be in constant search of fresh ideas, emerging trends and innovative solutions and to document, disseminate and share these articulations to the general membership and its stakeholders.

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