IDF runs 7th CoreDev, grants credentials to 12 graduates

ADFIAP’s Asia-Pacific Institute of Development Finance (IDF) held its 7th Core Development Banking Program (CoreDev) from October 1-5, 2012 in Manila, Philippines with 12 participants from Samoa, Vanuatu, and the Philippines, who satisfactorily completed the course, receiving the credential and title, Certified Development Finance Professional (CDFP).

CoreDev is Level I of the ADFIAP Career Credentialing Program (ACCP), a process of accrediting and recognizing the professional competence of development bankers. The two-moduled program consists of Module 1 that covers principles and practices of development banking which presents the vital role of development financing institutions (DFIs) in the economic and social progress of a country as well as their responsibilities as financial institutions. It also features the important guidelines on long-term project finance, an important aspect in development banking. Module 2 covers the concept and procedures in project design and appraisal as it focuses on the different facets of an investment and how the financial and economic aspects fit into the overall investment plan submitted by a loan proponent. It also tackles the difference in appraisal techniques between purely private-oriented investments vis-à-vis development projects.

Apart from classroom discussions, the participants made an institutional visit to the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) where they were briefed on how the Bank assess projects that are submitted for loan request and/or equity contribution; credit and equity programs available to the Bank’s conduit lending institutions and the risk management system of the Bank.

The main resource person of the program was Dr. Alberto Pena, Professor and Associate Director of the Office of International Studies of the Illinois State University, U.S.A. For inquiries on ADFIAP’s credentialing programs, please email the Secretariat at [email protected] or visit the IDF at

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