Istanbul meetings to tackle DFI’s role in sustainable development amidst the economic crisis

ADFIAP members, delegates from partner-organizations and invited guests will convene in Istanbul, Turkey on April 25-27, 2012 during the 35th ADFIAP Annual Meetings to discuss the role of DFIs in pursuit of sustainable development amidst the lingering economic crisis.

The conference, expected to be attended by over a hundred delegates from more than 30 countries, will cover different topics in four plenary sessions. Invited speakers from ADFIAP members, multilateral organizations and other international organizations will present their experiences and share their best practices during the full-packed programme. The plenary sessions will include a situationer and outlook on the BRICS, an international political organization which is composed of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa; presentations of DFIs from Europe, Asia, Pacific and the Middle East on how they are coping up with economic crisis; discussions on the various projects of ADFIAP members in the areas of environment, energy, infrastructure and technology; updates on the various projects and initiatives of ADFIAP members in the SME sector; and the crafting of the Istanbul Action Agenda by the attending delegates to serve as a guidepost in furthering their sustainable development work and advocacy.

Apart from the conference proper, other highlights of the event will be the 75th Board of Directors Meeting, the Delegate-Meets-Delegate Session, the Community of Practice (CoP) seminars, the 14th Extraordinary Meeting of the General Assembly, the Welcome Reception and Awards Night, the Closing Dinner and the Fellowship Day. Two pre-meeting events, one on infrastructure finance supported by the Asian Development Bank and another on sustainable consumption and production by the EU-supported SWITCH Asia Programme will be held a day before the annual meetings.

The ADFIAP annual meetings is held in different cities around and outside the Asia-Pacific region and serves as a platform for ADFIAP members and like-minded organizations to tackle issues affecting them, exchange ideas and best practices, and network with each other. This year’s event will be graced by The Honourable Governor Erdem Basci of the Central Bank of Turkey and hosted by the Development Bank of Turkey (DBT).

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