Tekun Nasional’s Datuk Abdul Rahim Hassan, Outstanding CEO of the Year

DATUK ABDUL RAHIM HASSAN 2For his outstanding performance in successfully elevating TEKUN Nasional into a higher level as well as turning it as Malaysia’s leading entrepreneur development organization (EDO) and development finance institution (DFI), Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Abdul Rahim Hassan, was selected as this year’s recipient of the “ADFIAP Outstanding CEO Award.” Datuk Rahim was honored during the Welcome Dinner and Awards Night on May 23, 2014 in conjunction with the 37th ADFIAP Annual Meetings (please see related story) held in Moscow, Russia .

Upon his appointment in 2008, Datuk Rahim has put up a well-structured strategic plan for Tekun Nasional, repositioning and rebranding the institution to meet its objectives and targets set by the Malaysian government. During his tenure, Datuk Rahim implemented many new strategic initiatives, programs and activities, among others, such as “The Innovative Financing Program” (encouraging young graduates of Malaysia to venture into business and guiding them to become successful entrepreneurs) ; Woman Entrepreneur Development Program (increasing the participation of women in business and entrepreneurship by providing training and financing); the Young Entrepreneur Development Program (encouraging more young people to be involved in business and be successful entrepreneurs); the Strategic Partnership Program (a mentor-mentee program); the Special Financing Scheme for the Ex-Prisoners and Inmates of Drugs Rehabilitation Centres (providing business opportunities and financing for the inmates after their release from the prison and rehab centres to restart their new life); the Economic Development Program for Aborigines (enhancing the economic status of the aborigines through their participation in economic and income generating activities and small businesses); the Special Financing Scheme for the Disabled (providing opportunity for the disabled to be involved in small businesses and entrepreneurship); the Special Financing Scheme for the Retired Armies; Income Generating Program (increasing household income through participation in small businesses or income generating activities in line with the Government’s mission towards a high income nation); TEKUN Nasional Entrepreneurship Institute (generating knowledgeable certified entrepreneurial development officers and training programs for the development of entrepreneurs); TEKUN Nasional’s Integrity & Good Governance Seminar with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC); TEKUN Nasional Entrepreneurs Convention & Exposition 2013 (a gathering of 7,000 entrepreneurs from all over the country that was officiated by the Honorable Prime Minister of Malaysia); TEKUN Nasional Business Centres Nationwide (providing information on business ideas, opportunities and directories); TEKUN Nasional Mobile & Boat Services (road transportation as well as boats to ensure unlimited access to the most remote areas throughout the country).

TEKUN Nasional has contributed tremendously in the development of entrepreneurs especially the micro, small and medium enterprises in Malaysia and is now the leading DFI in MSME sector with the total disbursement of RM 535 million in 2013. In view of this impact, the Prime Minister of Malaysia announced a special allocation of RM 700 million for the year 2014 for it to provide more financing to the people of Malaysia, the biggest allocation to an institution compared to all development financial institutions in the country.

The ADFIAP CEO Award is given to a practicing chief executive officer, whose singular talents, leadership, vision and achievement, in the judgment of the Awards Board, stands out among the other nominees of the award. Without focusing on the size of the institution, the judges assesses the stature of the individual, the positive effects that the person leadership has had on his or her institution, and the impact this leader’s decision have had in the development of the country in general.

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