One-day tour of Angkor Wat

Time Tour Places
08:00 Leave from the hotel for tour of Angkor Thom Temple (comprising of the Bayon Temple, Terrace of the Leper King and the Elephant Terrace):

The city of Angkor Thom, founded by Jayavarman VII in the 12th century, was one of the largest of all Khmer Cities and remained the capital until the 17th century.

We enter the city through the monumental south gate, its tower feature four faces pointing in each of the cardinal directions with elephants holding up the main gate, preceded by a no less impressive Avenue of Gods and asuras lining the bridge across the structure moat.

The Bayon or State temple of Jayavarman II is one of the most enigmatic and power religious constructions in the world. It is a unique mass of “face towers” which create a stone-mountain of ascending peaks. There were originally 49 towers of which 37 are still standing today. Most are carved with four faces on each cardinal point. The central tower has many more.

The Elephant Terrace is at the heart of Angkor Thom and looks out over rge Royal Square. It marks the entrance to the Royal Palace and was the focal point for royal receptions. The carving of elephants along its walls gives it its modern name.

Terrace of Leper King. This massive terrace is named after the 15th century sculpture that was discovered on top of it. It probably dates back to the reign of Jayavarman VII and has been restored in a manner, which allows visitors to explore the earliest to most recent additions by actually entering the internal layers of the structure.

10:30 Depart for Ta Phrom Temple:

Ta Phrom was built in the 12th century by Jayavarman VII as a royal monastery. It was dedicated to the King’s mother. This temple was chosen to be left in its natural state as an example of how most of Angkor looked, upon its rediscovery in the 18th century. Shrouded in jungle, the temple of Ta Phrom is ethereal in aspect and conjures up a romantic aura with gigantic roots and branches intimately intertwined with the stones and probing walls to form a natural roof above the manmade structures.

12:30 Break for lunch at local restaurant
14:30 Depart for Angkor Wat Temple:

Angkor Wat, the largest and most breathtaking monument at Angkor. Built as the funerary temple for Suryavarman II, who ruled from 1112 to 1152, Angkor never fails to reward the first time or repeat visitor with its grand scale, surreal bas reliefs and unbelievable attention to detail. Here, you will spend the morning exploring one of man’s most magnificent creations.

18:00 End of tour and back to hotel